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Sight is one of our most important senses. If an accident occurs, a few seconds may determine whether you loose your sight or not. Rapid access to eye wash is therefore decisive at all workplaces where there is a risk of eye injury.

When injuries are caused by acid or alkaline substances cauterization begins as soon as the substance comes into contact with the eye. Strong acids and alkalis can penetrate the cornea in 45 seconds permanently impairing vision.

For such injuries the Plum pH neutral eyewash, which is a sterile phosphate buffer, rapidly and gently neutralises the eye to its normal pH-level of 7.4.

Laboratory tested effects of pH neutralizing on a strong acid and strong alkali are dramatic compared with the effect of ordinary eyewash of 0.9% sodium chloride. Test results clearly show that the pH neutralizing solution has neutralized both acid and alkali to a harmless pH in no more than 20 seconds. Irrigating the eye with ordinary eyewash merely dilutes the liquid, and only minor changes in pH-value are achieved within the first critical 45 seconds.
Neutralizing eyewash station

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Z168068 Double eyewash safety station Includes two 32oz polyethylene bottles with covered eye cups and discharge tube