Sigma-Aldrich Select Electrophoresis Systems


The Sigma-Aldrich Select Electrophoresis Systems offer novel solutions for fast and economical electrophoresis. Our units save time and minimize effort in the laboratory while providing high end sample analysis. High quality, reproducible results are the main objectives behind this new electrophoresis product range.

This range comprises horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis units in addition to blotting systems. These systems are suitable for a variety of DNA, RNA and protein gel electrophoresis applications and analysis.

Designed using the latest injection molding technology and made from durable, resistant materials, these units offer innovative and easy-to-use leak-proof gel casting to save time in the laboratory. Among the innovations and choices offered are more options for gel size, sample number and volume, along with four comb thickness varieties. Furthermore, there are more preparative, high sample number and multi-channel pipette compatible comb options and combs which are height adjustable and warp proof. There are also options for the type of comb with convenient double-sided, two combs in one and combination combs which include a loading guide on the reverse aiding sample loading. Gel sizes offered range from 7cm x 7cm up to 33cm x 45cm.
Sigma-Aldrich Mini Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System
Sigma-Aldrich Dual Mini Vertical Gel Electrophoresis System
Sigma-Aldrich Dual Gel Caster