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PCR Films, Foils and Sealing Mats

Excel Scientific AlumaSeal PCR foil
Greiner PCR sealing film
Nunc PCR sealing tape

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Z721557 AlumaSeal® 384 film size 38 μm, thick aluminum foil sealing film for use with 384 well plates, non-sterile
Z722634 AlumaSeal® CS Films for cold storage size 50 μm, formulated aluminum foil sealing films, non-sterile
Z722642 AlumaSeal® CS Films for cold storage size 50 μm, formulated aluminum foil sealing films, sterile
A2350 AlumaSeal® II film non-sterile
Z721530 AlumaSeal® II film for PCR and cold storage, sterile
Z740251 AluminaSeal for cold and PCR storage sterile
Z605557 Eppendorf® heat sealing materials film
Z742420 eXTReme Universal fit PCR Plate Seal polyester film
A5596 Greiner multiwell plate sealers EASYseal sealing film, transparent, standard adhesive foil on carrier paper
Z617601 Greiner multiwell plate sealers SILVERseal sealing film, adhesive aluminium foil on carrier paper, piercable, silver
Z740250 HotSeal sealing film for PCR applications sterile
Z374938 Micro mats for PCR plates
T0197 Nunc® sealing tape for multiwell plates aluminum sealing tape, silicone adhesive, pierceable
T9696 Nunc® sealing tape for multiwell plates polyolefin sealing tape, acrylate adhesive, non-pierceable
Z369659 SealPlate® film non-sterile
Z369667 SealPlate® film sterile
Z369675 ThermalSeal® films, classic non-sterile, ThermalSeal® film, non-sterile, polypropylene, 100 pack
Z369683 ThermalSeal® films, classic sterile, ThermalSeal® Film, Sterile, polypropylene, 100 pack
Z768944 ThermalSeal 2® sealing film W × L 79.4 mm × 139.7 mm, non-sterile