Krytox oils and greases offer a unique combination of properties that provide exceptional performance, with solutions to your most challenging problems. Compared with other lubricants, only Krytox oils and greases combine high-temperature performance, nonflammability, and chemical inertness under a wide range of conditions. Krytox oils and greases increase the service life of critical components, allowing equipment manufacturers to extend warranties and manufacturing plants to reduce costly maintenance, while improving productivity by reducing component failure. They are ideal for the aggressive world of chemical processing.

The unique properties of Krytox oils derive from its fluorinated structure. This structure, polyhexafluoropropylene oxide, is an extraordinary fluorinated ether and yields a highly lubricious liquid with extremely low volatility. This polymer consists of a carbon and oxygen ether backbone providing a flexible platform onto which the fluorines are attached. The fluorine is responsible for providing the thermal and chemical stability ideal for use in severe environments. Krytox oil is insoluble in water, acids, bases, and all common organic solvents, and it is nontoxic.

Benefits and Applications
Low vapor pressure
  • Oil evaporates slowly, extending lubrication intervals
  • Used as sealant or lubricant in vacuum systems, high-temperature bearing, valve or O-ring lubricant, oven conveyor chain and bearing grease, or any use that requires high-temperature stability, low vapor pressure, high vacuum, chemical inertness, or in industries that manufacture oxygen

Thermal and oxidative stability
  • Reliable and consistent in low- or high-temperature conditions; nonreactive; does not break down
  • All industries

  • Does not burn or support combustion even in 100% liquid or gaseous oxygen
  • Oxygen service, aerospace, chemical, semi-conductor

Low outgassing
  • Longer lubricant life, less contamination
  • High vacuum, clean rooms

Mechanical stability
  • Does not break down under mechanical stress and lose ability to hold oil
  • All bearings

  • Additives combined with Krytox to protect metallic surfaces from corrosion caused by moisture and oxygen; prevents rusting
  • Any applications subject to harsh environments including exposure to extreme temperature ranges, frequent temperature cycling, moisture, or chemicals

  • Provides high specific load-carrying capability and highest protection against wear
  • Bearings used in all applications

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Z123072 Krytox® 240AC lubricant pkg of 2 oz
Z568627 Krytox® EG 2000 grease weight 2 oz (tube)
Z568635 Krytox® EG 3000 grease weight 2 oz (tube)
Z568619 Krytox® GPL 202 grease weight 2 oz (tube)
Z568600 Krytox® GPL 205 grease weight 2 oz (tube)
Z273546 Krytox® LVP grease weight 2 oz (tube)
Z678449 Krytox® vacuum oil grade, 1506
Z678457 Krytox® vacuum oil grade, 1514
Z678465 Krytox® vacuum oil grade, 1525
Z568597 Krytox® XHT-BDZ grease weight 2 oz (tube)
Z678473 Krytox® XP vacuum oil grade, 1506
Z678481 Krytox® XP vacuum oil grade, 1514
Z678503 Krytox® XP vacuum oil grade, 1525