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BCS-190 BioCision TruCool® Tote Bag
BCS-528 BioT Carrier
BCS-801 BioT Carrier Accessory Rechargeable Battery
BCS-803 BioT Carrier Accessory Car Adaptor
BCS-802 BioT Carrier Accessory Power Adaptor
BCS-518-P BioT ULT Transporter purple
Z768448 ChillDown, for 250 mL beaker pkg of 1 ea
BCS-202 CoolProbe CF model
BCS-201 CoolProbe M model
BCS-200 CoolProbe
C6816 Cryoclaw L 43 in. (109.2 cm)
BCS-514 CryoPod Carrier includes Green Lid and Manual Fill Kit
BCS-544G CryoPod Carrier Lid green
BCS-544P CryoPod Carrier Lid purple
BCS-544PK CryoPod Carrier Lid pink
BCS-544O CryoPod Carrier Lid orange
BCS-544GY CryoPod Carrier Lid gray
BCS-516 CryoPod Manual Fill Kit
F7147 Cryopreservation supplies forceps
Z740243 Direct Thermal Cryo-Tags® white, size 1.05 in. × 0.50 in.
Z740244 Direct Thermal Cryo-Tags® white, size 1.50 in. × 0.50 in.
Z740245 Direct Thermal Cryo-Tags® white, size 1.50 in. × 0.75 in.
Z740247 Direct Thermal Cryo-Tags® white, size 2.0 in. × 0.25 in.
Z740246 Direct Thermal Cryo-Tags® Cryo-Spot, white, diam. 3/8 in.
Z740248 Direct thermal Cryo-Tags® and Cryo-Spot combo white, size 1.50 in. × 0.50 in. × 3/8 in., spot combo, pkg of 500 ea (per roll)
M6163 Nalgene® Cryoware marker set assorted colors, one each red, green, blue, and black
Z377317 Nalgene® Cryoware marker set black
BCS-143 Temperature Strip 1-8 °C, pkg of 3 ea
BCS-104 ThermalTray HP model
BCS-123 ThermalTray LP model
BCS-252 ThermalTray SLP model
BCS-222 TruCool® Cryogenic Vial Locking Racks assorted colors, pack of 5