Hielscher processors and VialTweeter

Sonication is a very effective method for the mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing, disintegration, and degassing of liquids by means of ultrasonic cavitation. The VialTweeter applies this technology to vials, such as autosampler vials, storage vials and reagent vials without the need to open the cap or any water bath.

The VialTweeter is an effective alternative to the sonication of vials in ultrasonic cleaning baths or tanks, in which the water surrounding the vials takes most of the energy - while the effective power in a 1.5 mL vial is as low as 0.01 watt. For sonication processes, this is no power at all.

The VialTweeter delivers up to 10 watts to each of the six vials in its high intensity part and up to 5 watts to the two vials placed in its low intensity part. These power levels allow for sophisticated sonication processes (see a list at the end of this page) in short time, similar to direct sonication by a homogenizer.

The VialTweeter can sonicate a test tube, bottle or beaker of up to 500 mL volume attached to its end, too. The power can be adjusted by means of the amplitude adjustment at the front panel of the generator. Once set, the amplitude will be maintained at the adjusted value and will is distributed evenly across the 6 high intensity vials and the 2 low intensity vials, respectively. This gives you reproducible sonication effects.

The VialTweeter is powered by the Hielsher ultrasonic processor. As the ultrasonic generator is tuned to the frequency of the sonotrode automatically, there is no manual frequency tuning required. For a good transmission of the ultrasonic vibrations to the individual vials, the vials are pushed gently into the holes of the VialTweeter. Each hole of the VialTweeter is made to hold vials of the most common sizes, brands and designs. At the end of the VialTweeter, a single vessel can be attached for sonication.

For the direct sonication of liquids the Hielsher ultrasonic processor can be equipped with sonotrodes for immersion into liquids. In that way it can be used as a hand-held or stand-mounted homogenizer.

The exchange between the VialTweeter and the sonotrodes takes approx. 5min.

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Z678988 Hielscher Lab stand for ultrasonic processor stainless steel, diam. 16 mm, L × W × H 300 mm × 150 mm × 600 mm
Z678929 Hielscher Lab ultrasonic processor AC/DC input 230 V AC, Schuko plug