"GREEN" Pipetting Reservoirs

Diversified Biotech Inc. uses a special additive to help the bio-degrading process of the plastic used in the production of these products. This additive allows bacteria and other organisms to breakdown the complex plastic chain. This speeds up the degrading process reducing the time it takes to break down the resin to its natural components to only a few years, as opposed to 1,000 years or more for conventional plastic. Once the molecule is broken down organisms are now able to eat away the material reducing it to its natural ingredients such as water and carbon dioxide. This process takes place naturally and safely without harm to the environment.

Features and benefits
  • Biodegradable - reservoirs will safely degrade over time helping to save the environment
  • Unique "Trough within a trough" design - maximizes reagent recovery
  • Convenience - pour-off spouts on all four corners
  • Wide base and reinforced sidewalls - avoids spills and provides stability
  • Graduated marks on inside wall - easy to measurable volume of reagent in reservoir
  • Sterile - Sterilized by gamma irradiation
  • Compatable - 25 mL reservoir with divider accommodates eight channel pipets on one side and one to four channel pipets on the other
  • Divider - convenient for adding controls

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Z679925 Bio-Pure pipetting reservoir capacity 100 mL
Z679933 Bio-Pure pipetting reservoir capacity 25 mL, with divider
Z679968 Bio-Pure pipetting reservoir capacity 50 mL
Z680354 Bio-Pure pipetting reservoir capacity 25 mL