3D Stem Cell Culture using 3D Biotek 3D Insert Scaffolds

Stem cell and progenitor cell research is a complex and very exciting field that promises fantastic curative discoveries in numerous areas from cancer to diabetes to neurogenerative diseases. 3D cell culture systems, such as 3D Biotek′s 3D Insert Scaffolds, provide 3D environments in which cells are better able to mimic their in vivo counterparts. The advantages of such 3D cell culture systems include:

  • Culture cells in a way that resembles their in vivo environments
  • Promote cell growth and migration to support the proliferation of stem cell and other mammalian cells
  • Reduced level of growth factors promotes lot-to-lot consistency

For additional information and a complete listing of our new 3D Biotek 3D Insert Scaffolds, view 3D Biotek 3D Insert.
3D Biotek 3D Insert Scaffolds