Synthemax® -T cell culture surface


The Corning® Synthemax® -T surface is designed to mimic a cells′ natural environment with extra cellular matrix derived cell adhesion promoting peptides. This cell culture surface allows expansion and differentiation of embryonic stem cells for more than 20 serial passages in defined xeno-free medium with:

  • Stable doubling time and cell viability
  • Retention of phenotypic marker expression such as Oct4, TRA-1-60, SSEA4 and cell morphology
  • Retention of normal karyotype
  • Retention of pluripotency as determined by embryoid body formation and teratomas
  • Directed differentiation into specific tissue types such as cardiomyocytes

Synthemax -T Surface Characteristics Ideal for GMP Compliant Cell Production Facilities:

  • Synthetic, xeno-free substrate
  • Gamma sterilized (SAL 10-6)
  • Quality tested for lot-to-lot consistency and traceability
  • Stored at room temperature for 2 years
  • Ready to use
  • Available in multiple formats: 6 well plates and T-75 flasks
Corning Synthemax -T surface flasks
Corning Synthemax -T surface plates