Microplate BRANDplates®

Modern research methods require high-quality disposables. BRANDplates® microplates can be used in all important fields of life science. For this comprehensive line, three immunological and four cell culture surfaces have been developed under the most modern production conditions. The product line covers a multitude of standard applications (e.g., homogenous assays, screenings) as well as applications in the fields of immunology and cell culture technique.

The BRANDplates® product range has grown to 133 different microplates.

All BRANDplates® microplates are manufactured according to the requirements of the ANSI- /SLAS-standards 1 to 4 - 2004. This ensures the compatibility of the microplates when performing automated processes.

Microplates, non-treated surface
Non-treated microplates made of PS are used in the most diversified application fields, such as homogenous standard assays and extensive screening assays. The hydrophobic characteristics of non-treated PS are often helpful in performing these applications.

  • pureGrade (medium binding) Non-treated surface, non-sterile
  • pureGrade Sterile Non-treated surface, sterile

BRANDplates® Surfaces for Immunoassays
Diagnosis of disease, pregnancy or verification of doping substances - many analyses in the modern laboratory are performed with immunological assays in microplates. They are characterized by their high specificity and provide the opportunity to detect the lowest concentrations of defined substances in complex liquids, such as blood serum.

  • immunoGrade (high-binding) Optimized for the immobilization of IgG, offering highest binding capacity for molecules with mixed hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions.
  • hydroGrade For the immobilization of hydrophilic molecules
  • lpoGrade For the immobilization of hydrophobic molecules

Surfaces for Cell Culture
Cell culture is increasing in popularity in the research and development area. Outside of basic research, cells are cultivated today for a number of reasons, including the production of proteins and, in particular, as assay systems. As cell cultures can sometimes be quite demanding regarding their environment, the disposables used for cultivation have to be of highest quality. BRAND has drawn upon its extensive experience in the production of high-quality plastic disposables to expand the product range of BRANDplates® microplates into the field of cell culture.

  • cellGrade For the cultivation of adherent cells
  • cellGrade plus For reduced-serum media cultivation of cells
  • cellGrade premium Poly-D-Lysine-equivalent surface
  • inertGrade For cultivation of suspension cells