Cellometer automated cell counters eliminate the drudgery of manual cell counting and deliver more accurate, consistent results in a mere fraction of the time. Typically in less than 30 seconds per sample, Cellometer cell counters provide cell sample analysis results that include:
  • cell count
  • cell concentration
  • trypan blue viability
  • cell diameter
  • cell images, and more

The innovative imaging and fluorescence technology of the Cellometer allows you to view cell morphology in real time, for visual confirmation after cell counting, and will save sample images with results directly to your computer. With its advanced software, It can accurately recognize 300+ cell types from 2 to 250 microns in size, including cells of irregular shape, cells in clumps, cells with large size variation, and in samples with high levels of debris.

Cellometer Auto T4 offers simple-to-use software and user interface, and takes up almost no bench space. Because it works with your desktop computer or laptop, you get a full screen display, easy data input, and the ability to import/export data to a local or network location. The ideal choice for counting cell lines, Cellometer Auto T4 is easily shared among multiple users. Each user can customize cell types for improved accuracy and store them in a drop-down menu for easy access.

Cellometer Auto 2000 is an automatic cell viability counter with dual fluorescence. It is consistent, reliable, and accurate for primary cells, and no lysing of RBC needed. It eliminates variation caused by debris, has no washing biohazards. It also featuresa small 20 μL sample volume, viability by AO/PI , PI or trypan blue, dual fluorescence plus bright field imaging, and a disposable counting chamber.

Cellometer Auto X4 has automatic calculation and recording of yeast concentration and viability in less than 60 seconds. Automated cell counting eliminates the subjectivity, inter-operator and run-to-run inconsistency, and potential errors associated with manual cell counting. Automated cell counting ensures all data is captured completely and accurately.