Whatman® Food and Beverage Testing

Effective food and beverage quality control relies on a wide range of filtration, monitors, media, and separations products. Whatman offer a comprehensive range of products for sample preparation through to microbial identification.

Using Whatman′s unique pre-filtration technology, solutions which are otherwise difficult to filter can be filtered without problem. The unique Whatman GD/X syringe filters are used by orange juice producers to filter their juice because GD/X maximises throughput and allows easy filtration compared to other syringe filters. Whatman cellulose thimbles are used in solvent extraction apparatus for analyzing the oil and fat content of foods.

The filter products produced by Whatman are used as matrices in instruments used for determining the ripeness of fruits and to analyze for pesticide residues. Whatman black dye Track-Etch membranes are used for enumeration of bacteria in food.

In the production of food and beverage products, sample clarification and final filtration are required processes that demand efficiency, consistency and reproducibility. Whatman offers traditional and unique products for both of these techniques.