Live Cell Imaging Slides

CytoVu for live cell imaging
Nanotechnology comes to cell culture

The first transparent membrane enables live imaging of cells on both sides of the membrane, at all visible wavelengths, and with confocal, light, or fluorescent microscopes. CytoVu imaging slides transform traditional insert experiments into a high-content modality.

The CytoVu membrane creates a highly permeable barrier between apical and basal compartments. The membrane is permeable enough that intercellular communications easily pass through the membrane to co-cultured cells. The CytoVu membrane enables more physiological co-cultures, tighter barriers, and novel opportunities for experimentation.

Co-culture with direct intercellular contact is achieved with 3 or 8 micro. Co-culture with only soluble communications is achieved using the NanoBarrier.

Available Features
3 Micro or 8 Micro
  • The pore size that forms the basis of each membrane - choose the size that is most applicable to the cell size and experimental requirements.

NanoBarrier Technology
  • A highly permeable barrier that is added to the base membrane. It restricts cells to the compartment in which they were seeded but still allows all soluble molecules to flow through.
  • cell seeding cap, can accommodate up to 800 cells/μL

Degradable NanoBarrier Technology
  • A specially formulated NanoBarrier that harmlessly degrades after 3 days in media.

Basal Well Volumes
  • 10 μL BWV for short-medium working distance objectives and confocal.
  • 25 μL BWV for long working distance objectives and some Biochem/Mol Bio techniques.

  • Blood Brain Barrier (other barriers)
  • Live Cell Imaging
  • Stem Cells
  • Migration/Invasion
  • Polarized Cell Growth
  • Co-Culture
  • Intercellular Communication
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Cell Differentiation/Development
  • Drug Permeability/Absorption

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SMP0003 CytoVu 3 Micro imaging slides 10 μL apical well, with NanoBarrier Technology, 10 μL basal well volume, size 4 well
SMP0007 CytoVu 8 Micro imaging slides with NanoBarrier Technology, 10 μL apical well volume, 10 μL basal well volume, size 4 well