BRAND Automatic burettes

Burettes / automatic burettes are always calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex). The delivered quantity of liquid corresponds to the capacity printed on the instrument. The ! wetting residue remaining in the instrument has already been taken into account in the calibration.

Waiting times:
BLAUBRAND® - waiting time 30 sec
SILBERBRAND - no waiting time
(A waiting time is usually not neccessary if a titration is performed (see DIN EN ISO 385)).

All BLAUBRAND® burettes and automatic burettes are supplied with a batch number and an accompanying batch certificate in the original packaging.

PTFE valve spindle operates smoothly and is yet tight, even without lubrication, so there are no grease residues on the burette. The valve spindle is replaceable. A gentle turn is all it takes to close the burette valve.

Precision burette tip
Precise drop by drop control. Drop size remains constant - from the first to the last drop. The liquid stream breaks off precisely and does not creep along the outside edge.