BRAND® Titrette® Digital Bottle-top Burette

The BRAND® Titrette bottletop burette makes routine titrations faster, easier, and more accurate. The Titrette avoids the risk of spills from poured transfers to glass or plastic burettes, eliminates meniscus reading errors and offers accuracy that satisfies the tolerances for Class A glass burettes. The instrument is well suited for general chemistry, water treatment applications, food/beverage analysis, industrial titrations, and environmental work in the lab or field.

  • High accuracy: Precise titrations within the error limits of Class A glass burettes.
  • Smooth operation: Mechanism fills and titrates smoothly and easily, for exceptionally sensitive drop-wise titrations.
  • Compact design: The Titrette operates in a fixed position on top of titrant bottles. The low-profile design is stable and fits readily under shelves and cabinets.
  • Easy handling: The Titrette switches automatically between filling and titrating modes. The titrating tube adjusts vertically and horizontally to match receiving vessels, and operatio is cordless, using economical commercial batteries that are protected from corrosive vapors.
  • Simple maintenance: The Titrette can be disassembled for cleaning, ensuring long, reliable service even with crystallizing titrants. Easy Calibration technology simplifies ISO/GLP compliance.
  • Special options: Amber windows (included) protect light-sensitive reagents. Optional drying tube protects moisture-sensitive titrants.
  • PC interface: Models available with direct data transmission to a PC.

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Z567124 BRAND® Titrette® digital bottle-top burette 25 mL volume, accuracy: 0.07%, with interface RS 232
Z567132 BRAND® Titrette® digital bottle-top burette 50 mL volume, accuracy: 0.06%, with interface RS 232
BR4760241 BRAND® Titrette® digital bottle-top burette capacity 10 mL, with interface RS 232
BR4760141 BRAND® Titrette® digital bottle-top burette capacity 10 mL, without interface RS 232
BR4760161 BRAND® Titrette® digital bottle-top burette capacity 50 mL, without interface RS 232
BR4760151 BRAND® Titrette® digital bottle-top burette capacity 25 mL, without interface RS 232