Mettler Toledo Meters

Overview of the METTLER TOLEDO′s meter portfolio for pH, conductivity, ion concentration (ISE), ORP and dissolved oxygen (DO) measurements:

Education Line
Measurement made easy with simple icons and large display showing measurement and temperature. Coupled with robust electrodes and useful accessories these are ideal for the teaching lab.

FiveEasy Bench-top Meter
Economic and reliable benchtop pH or conductivity meter for anyone working on a tight budget but nevertheless require rapid and accurate results.

FiveGo Portable Meters
The handy portable meter is ideal for anyone working on a tight budget, who nevertheless requires rapid and reliable results. This instrument is suitable for a wide range of applications to measure pH or conductivity in various areas, such as the food and beverage industry, as well as water and environmental analysis.

SevenCompact Bench-top Meter
Universal, state-of-the-art pH or conductivity meter for a wide range of applications, from routine measurements through sample analysis, data handling and data archiving in compliance with GLP regulations.

SevenExcellence Bench-top meter
Excel in the lab with SevenExcellence pH, conductivity, ion and dissolved oxygen meters. Flexibility in all respects be it the range of measurement parameters or the vast collection of peripherals. Extensive security functions for safe results and solid compliance. Supports your workflow during all phases from data entry, data collection and data archiving. Meter suitable for complex applications and stringent requirements in regulated markets, but also provides added value for routine measurements in the lab.

Seven2Go Portable Meters
Basic meters for routine pH and conductivity measurements: The large display with the easy-to-understand symbols provides the user with a clear overview and useful features otherwise available only with stationary laboratory instruments.

Seven2Go pro / SevenGo Duo pro Portable Meters
Advanced meter for pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and ion concentration measurements. Seven2Go pro features a lot of amazing operating functions, a large data memory for detailed GLP protocols, an infrared interface for data transfer to a printer or PC, bright backlighting, as well as a multitude of additional parameter-specific functions. Seven2Go pro meters are truly indispensable for every analytical specialist, and in regulated working environments in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food manufacturing industries.