Qualification Standards for HPLC and UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

Jaytee`s Kromega range of Qualification Standards for HPLC and UV/Vis Spectrophotometers is designed to provide you with a solid foundation for your HPLC and UV/Vis Spectrophotometer instrumentation qualification.

Certified Qualification Standards are designed to support your work:

  • Calibration/validation activities built on a solid foundation
  • Only variable in the qualification process is the instrument
  • Standards developed for use in any laboratory, regardless of the regulator, and as relevant to a pharmaceutical company as to a contract lab working to ISO 17025
  • Standards shipped in flame-sealed ampoules individually seated in custom made boxes increase the shelf life and prevent contamination
  • Cost for an organization is minimal, as compared to developing a custom solution. For companies complying to any form of GxP regulation, there is a stated need to qualify equipment that generates data; “out of the box” solution meets that requirement
  • Easy, cost-effective means of achieving conformance, since all regulators require that qualification is traceable
  • Traceable instrument qualification adds confidence to all data generated; audit trail backed by UKAS to ISO Guide 34

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Z804797 Enhanced UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Kit certified reference material
Z803898 HPLC Autosampler Standards certified reference material
Z804002 UV Absorbance Linearity Standards certified reference material
Z804126 UV Low Wavelength Standards certified reference material
Z804223 UV Multi Wavelength Standards certified reference material
Z804452 UV Photometric Accuracy Standards certified reference material
Z804568 UV Resolution Standards certified reference material
Z804789 UV Spec Qualification Kit certified reference material
Z804665 UV Stray Light Standards certified reference material
Z804908 Wavelength, Stray Light and Resolution Kit certified reference material