Collagen Scaffolds

SpongeCol® is a collagen sponge with an interpenetrating, columnar porous architecture structure. It contains a unique columnar porous network which permits cells and nutrients to flow completely through the interpenetrating pores and provides an increased surface area for cell attachment, growth and migration. SpongeCol® is composed of highly purified Type I collagen which best supports the attachment, proliferation, and function of cells.
SphereCol®, human collagen coated beads is coated with highly purified Type I human collagen derived from a human fibroblast cell culture process, VitroCol® . The collagen provides an optimal coating on the beads to enhance cell attachment, cell viability, cell proliferation and cell function.

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5138 SphereCol® Human Collagen Coated Beads
5135 SpongeCol® Columnar Architecture