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Our Analytical Chemistry Books provide a range methods and protocols for performing qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemicals.


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Z706019 Ewing’s Analytical Instrumentation Handbook 3rd ed. J. Cazes, CRC Press, 2005, 1064 pp., hard cover This thoroughly revised and updated Third edition offers eight new chapters covering topics such as microchip and biosensor technologies, the validation of chromatographic methods, gel permeation and size exclusion chromatography, field-flow fractionation, countercurrent chromatography, hyphenated techniques in chromatography, and thin-layer chromatography. The text studies a vast array of modern technologies and instrumentation practices-providing a firm foundation in theory and methodology, as well as current applications in the field It presents examples of commercially available equipment that illustrate design features discussed in the text and provides a guide for workers in analytical chemistry who need a starting place for information about a specific instrumental technique
Z569046 Handbook of Solid Phase Microextraction J. Pawliszyn, ed., Chemical Industry Press, 2009, 406 pp., hard cover This 400 page book contains comprehensive description of the fundamental principles of solid phase microextraction, recent applications, SPME devices and procedures published to date. SPME protocols are presented in a step-by-step fashion, providing useful tips and potential pitfalls. The important steps in SPME method development and optimization including calibration are clearly discussed to assist new users of the technology. This handbook enables researchers at all stages of their careers to effectively apply this convenient and solvent free sample preparation to solve their analytical challenges in effective way. This up-to date handbook contains 13 chapters.

Topics covered include:
Theory of SPME, SPME devices and fibre coatings, commercial devices and coatings, automated SPME systems, calibration of extraction step, SPME method development, ligand-receptor binding, in-vivo SPME, review of different application areas including: environmental, food and fragrance, forensic and drug analysis as well as SPME protocols. In addition the book contains a CD with SPME presentations and description of beginning experiments helpful in designing course and lectures on the topic.
  58166 Ion-Selective Optode membranes English translation and revised edition of the German monograph (Cat. No. 58165) describing theory, preparation and application of ion-selective optode membranes as well as recent developments in this field.With 237 references.
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