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Z731390 Biochemistry of Signal Transduction and Regulation, 4th ed. very useful for students and researchers This all-new edition of a best-selling text has been thoroughly updated to keep pace with the rapid progress in signal transduction research. With skill and clarity, the molecular basis of signal transduction, regulated gene expression, the cell cycle, tumorigenesis and apoptosis is made transparent for everyone with a basic knowledge in biochemistry or molecular biology.

"The clear and didactic presentation makes it a textbook very useful for students and researchers not familiar with all aspects of cell regulation." (Biochemistry) "This book is actually two books: Regulation and Signal Transduction." (Drug Research)
Z730297 Measuring Gene Expression M. Avison, Garland Science, 2007, 328 pp., soft cover In the post-genomic age, much biomedical research looks at when, where, and at what level genes are expressed. Measuring Gene Expression is an all-in-one introduction to the main methods of measuring gene expression, including RT-PCR, differential display, RNA interference, reporter genes, microarrays, and proteomics, as well as a section on RNA isolation and analysis. There is an overview of each method: its pros and cons, sample preparation, sources of error, and data interpretation.