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A9721 Adhesion Molecule Factsbook, 2nd ed. Second Edition is completely updated, and expanded to reflect new advances. It contains over 80 entries on all currently cloned and characterized cell adhesion molecules, including the families of integrins, cadherins, selectins, members of the immunoglobulin superfamily, and other relevant receptors. It provides information on amino acid sequence of the most commonly studied organisms; gene organization and chromosomal location; alternative nomenclature; biological function; tissue distribution; disease association; database accession numbers.
Z731390 Biochemistry of Signal Transduction and Regulation, 4th ed. very useful for students and researchers This all-new edition of a best-selling text has been thoroughly updated to keep pace with the rapid progress in signal transduction research. With skill and clarity, the molecular basis of signal transduction, regulated gene expression, the cell cycle, tumorigenesis and apoptosis is made transparent for everyone with a basic knowledge in biochemistry or molecular biology.

"The clear and didactic presentation makes it a textbook very useful for students and researchers not familiar with all aspects of cell regulation." (Biochemistry) "This book is actually two books: Regulation and Signal Transduction." (Drug Research)
  Z269670 Biologically Active Peptides: Design, Synthesis, and Utilization Investigation into basic and advanced peptide design, synthesis, evaluation and utilization. New therapeutic approaches from experimental systems.
Z730343 Biology of Cancer three decades of recent cancer research The Biology of Cancer synthesizes the findings of three decades of recent cancer research and proposes a conceptual framework from which to teach about these discoveries. It provides the necessary structure, organization, and content for a course on cancer biology for advanced undergraduates and beginning doctoral students.

The book is comprehensive and offers many pedagogical features to assist teaching and learning. The text provides current information on topics such as tumor stem cells and recently introduced chemotherapeutics. State-of-the-art techniques are discussed throughout. Modern biomedical research is explored, helping readers to hone their analytical abilities and to assimilate and think clearly about complex biological processes.
  Z288160 Combinatorial Peptide and Nonpeptide Libraries: A Handbook The use of binatorial chemistry and peptide libraries in drug screening and development is a new and rapidly expanding technology. This first handbook on the topic contains background information and step-by-step experimental procedures. It will be indispensable for anyone working in the field.
Z730017 Deoxynucleoside Analogs in Cancer Therapy pkg of 1ea This book expertly summarizes the current status of development and application of deoxynucleoside analogs. Organized into several sections, the first part covers general aspects of drug uptake and metabolism and explains how novel technology has enabled a rapid expansion of this field. The second part is concerned with a number of specific drugs including cytarabine, gemcitabine, troxacitabine, clofarabine and ara-G. The final section covers pharmacokinetics, prodrugs, and specific applications such as radiosensitization, gene therapy, and the use of deoxynucleoside analogs as tracers. Throughout the book, the focus is on novel aspects of deoxynucleoside analogs in the clinical context, as well as on unexpected targets of these compounds, such as their specific activity against cell cycle-dependent kinases or oncogenes.
  Z272876 Fluorine-Containing Amino Acids More than 700 amino acids (AAs) have been found in nature and their number is continually increasing. Internationally renowned scientists critically examine the chemistry of fluorine-containing amino acids (FAAs) and the existing knowledge regarding their biological properties. A synthesis of FAAs by methods of acid, organofluorine and organometallic chemistry; enzymatic and chromatographic resolution of racemic FAAs; biological characteristics of FAAs and their applications are among the subjects covered.
  Z243418 Introduction To Peptide Chemistry This concise introduction to peptide chemistry serves as a step-by-step guide, emphasizing the principles of peptide chemistry, with its strong links to physical and organic chemistry and biochemistry. Intended primarily for advanced undergraduates, it reflects the increasing importance of peptide chemistry, particularly in relation to solid-phase synthesis, gene sequencing and x-ray crystallography. Chapters cover amino acids, purification and isolation, amino acid analysis, sequencing and synthesis. A concluding chapter discusses the structure of LH-RH.
Z730297 Measuring Gene Expression M. Avison, Garland Science, 2007, 328 pp., soft cover In the post-genomic age, much biomedical research looks at when, where, and at what level genes are expressed. Measuring Gene Expression is an all-in-one introduction to the main methods of measuring gene expression, including RT-PCR, differential display, RNA interference, reporter genes, microarrays, and proteomics, as well as a section on RNA isolation and analysis. There is an overview of each method: its pros and cons, sample preparation, sources of error, and data interpretation.