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Our Biotechnology books is a compilation of titles on Life Science techniques from affinity capillary electrophoresis to visualization of receptors.


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  Z269662 Biodegradable Hydrogels for Drug Delivery This book provides an in-depth investigation of recent advances in biodegradable hydrogels. Based on extensive research and experience, the book is the first to deal exclusively with this important area in drug delivery. A valuable guide for all, the book begins with a detailed introduction to current biodegradable hydrogel technology. Following chapters present advanced R&D, delivery systems, and more. It covers the mechanisms of biodegradation, types of biodegradable hydrogels, chemical and physical gels, chemical and enzymatic degradation, and examples of biodegradable drug delivery systems.

Z379565 Bioluminescence Methods and Protocols: Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 102 A collection of methods for using luciferase and green fluorescent protein in analytical biochemistry, molecular toxicology, and cell-based assays. The contributors are those who have developed and perfected their methods. The wide variety of illustrative applications ranges from specific molecular titer to microbial detection and analysis. Other topics include the manipulation of the lux, luc, and gfp genes and construction of recombinant organisms. Cutting-edge techniques, detailed instructions, and diverse examples should make this book a standard reference.
Z703575 Electrophoresis in Practice: A Guide to Methods and Applications of DNA and Protein Separations, 4th ed. pkg of 1 ea This laboratory guide for successful electrophoretic separations is divided into two parts to provide readers with a thorough presentation of the fundamentals followed by a detailed description of the most common methods currently in use. This fourth edition retains the successful concept of its predecessors, yet features a brand-new layout, and is further enhanced by a section on difference gel electrophoresis, while the chapter on proteome analysis is practically all new and considerably extended, plus there are now around 10 % new literature references.
G3793 Green Fluorescent Protein: Applications and Protocols This book demonstrates the power and the versatility of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) marker with a cutting-edge collection of readily reproducible GFP techniques. These include methods for detecting and imaging GFP (FRET, BRET, and whole-body imaging); for using GFP to create and select for transgenic organisms, for its use as a biosensor; and for studying viruses. A valuable companion CD-ROM displays many color figures and videos from over half the chapters.