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Our Cell Culture books provides a variety of methods resources that include topics such as stem cells and gene therapy.


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  M9439 Mechanics of the Cell Biological physics, the application of physics to provide an understanding of biological phenomena, is a new burgeoning subject. This explores the physics behind the architecture of a cell′s envelope and internal scaffolding, as well as the properties of its soft components. It discusses the properties of individual flexible polymers, networks and membranes, and then considers simple composite assemblages such as bacteria and synthetic cells. Analysis is performed within a consistent mathematical framework, although readers can navigate from the introductory material to biological applications without working through the intervening mathematics.
Z701475 Stem Cells Handbook S. Sell, ed., Humana Press, 2003, 528 pp., hard cover This survey the "state-of-the-science" of stem cell biology explains the origins of stem cells and describes how they function, how they can cause illness, and how they might be employed to cure or ameliorate disease.

In particular, the authors discuss the roles of stem cells in development and organogenesis, in normal tissue turnover, in the repair response to injury, and in carcinogenesis. They also explain how to obtain stem cells from different organs, culture them in vitro, and manipulate them for therapeutic use.