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Our Cell Signaling and Neuroscience books provide resources for cell signaling, signal transduction, insulin pathway biology, neuroscience, and Alzheimer′s Disease research.


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  Z369446 Cell Cycle Control This is the first book to cover the cell cycle field in the wake of groundbreaking research from the past five years. A historical look at cell cycle findings places this new knowledge into perspective and demonstrates the universality of cell cycle control, from the evolutionary process to cancer research and mitotic regulation.
C1729 Cell Neurobiology Techniques This book details cutting-edge techniques and readily reproducible methods for establishing neural cell cultures, measuring enzymes and their inhibitors, and using quantitative autoradiography to study monoamine uptake sites and receptors in the brain. Additional methods cover the use of flow cytometry to study developmental neurobiology, applications of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) to human brain metabolism, and the study of drug metabolism.
Z379697 Flow Cytometry Protocols: Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 91 This volume includes details on new methods that rely on recently developed instrumentation, without short-changing the time-tested standard techniques. Methods are given for detecting intracellular cytokines, nuclear antigens in leukemia and solid tumors, and cyclins. Protocols are included for performing functional studies like assessing viability, membrane potential, oxidative metabolism, drug resistance, and pharmacokinetics. Nucleic acid methods include cell cycle analysis, chromosome sorting, solid tumor ploidy analysis, apoptosis, and a flow cytometric application of FISH.
  Z375535 Neuropeptide Protocols: Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 73  
Z340812 Nuclear Receptors: A Practical Approach The steroid or nuclear receptor superfamily is an important group of transcription factors of growing importance to a large number of researchers. Topics include how to clone, characterize, identify, assay for, monitor changes, and analyze kinetics of novel receptors along with characterization of co-activators, receptor interactions, ligand binding studies, DNA binding studies, and assays such as CARLA.
Z700983 Receptors: Structure and Function 2nd ed., A Practical Approach Given the number of exciting developments across the spectrum of receptor research in recent years, the editors have not restricted themselves to one particular approach or class of receptors. Thus they include studies from G protein-coupled surface receptors to the delivery of antisense DNA inside living cells systems. This is a review of new methods for studying cellular receptors and examines how each technique can be used on different receptor types.
S8066 Stem Cell Biology Stem cells are the focus of intense interest from a growing, multidisciplinary community of investigators with new tools for isolating and characterizing these elusive cell types. This volume provides a uniquely broad and authoritative basis for understanding the biology of stem cells and the current excitement about their potential for clinical exploitation. It is an essential work for investigators in embryology, hematology, and neurobiology, and their collaborators in regenerative medicine.