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Our Materials Science books cover topics such as nanotechnology, micro/ nanoelectronics, structured materials and more. See also our Polymer Chemistry books section.


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Z730432 Biomaterials Science: An Introduction to Materials in Medicine, 2nd ed. over 80 contributors from academia, government and industry The second edition provides the most up-to-date comprehensive review of all aspects of biomaterials science. It integrates a historical perspective of materials engineering principles with biological interactions of biomaterials. Also provided within are regulatory and ethical issues in addition to future directions of the field, and a state-of-the-art update of medical and biotechnological applications.

All aspects of biomaterials science are thoroughly addressed, from tissue engineering to cochlear prostheses and drug delivery systems. Over 80 contributors from academia, government and industry detail the principles of cell biology, immunology, and pathology. Focus within pertains to the clinical uses of biomaterials as components in implants, devices, and artificial organs. This reference also touches upon their uses in biotechnology as well as the characterization of the physical, chemical, biochemical and surface properties of these materials.
  Z286753 CRC Handbook of Solid State Electrochemistry This book is a one stop resource treating the two main areas of solid state electrochemistry: electrochemical properties of solids such as oxides, halides, and cation conductors; and electrochemical kinetics and mechanisms of reactions occurring on solid electrolytes, including gas-phase electrocatalysis. The fundamentals are presented, including structural and defect chemistry, diffusion and transport in solids, conductivity and electrochemical reaction, and adsorption and reactions on solid surfaces. The Handbook also covers experimental methods and computer-aided interpretation of experimental results used in the field.
  Z282588 Dendritic Molecules: Concepts, Syntheses, Perspectives Spans organic chemistry and more application-orientated disciplines like material science and pharmaceutical chemistry. The excellent, detailed list of references further increases the value of the book. The optimal presentation of the structural formulas of dendrimers - highly symmetrical giant molecules - helps the reader understand the sophisticated synthesis quickly.
  Z285803 Guide to Materials Characterization and Chemical Analysis, 2nd ed. Written both for the novice and for the experienced scientist, this miniature encyclopedia concisely describes over one hundred materials methodologies, including evaluation, chemical analysis, and physical testing techniques. Each technique is presented in terms of its use, sample requirements, and the engineering principles behind its methodology. Real life industrial and academic applications are also described to give the reader an understanding of the significance and utilization of technique. There is also a discussion of the limitations of each technique.
  Z257672 Handbook of Polymer Synthesis, Parts A and B Two-volume set presents a summary of synthetic methods and the influence of reaction parameters and catalysts on polymer structure. Contains nearly 5,000 drawings, equations, and tables.
  Z282537 Nanotechnology: Molecularly Designed Materials Provides a chemistry-oriented overview of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Presents cutting edge research in vapor phase synthesis, metal colloids in polymers and membranes, nanostructured semiconductors, nanostructured metals and nanocomposites, nanostructured ceramics, and sol-gel derived materials. Describes recent interdisciplinary progress in the control of unique properties of nanostructured materials by rational design in synthesis and processing.