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Our Materials Science books cover topics such as nanotechnology, micro/ nanoelectronics, structured materials and more. See also our Polymer Chemistry books section.


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Z730432 Biomaterials Science: An Introduction to Materials in Medicine, 2nd ed. over 80 contributors from academia, government and industry The second edition provides the most up-to-date comprehensive review of all aspects of biomaterials science. It integrates a historical perspective of materials engineering principles with biological interactions of biomaterials. Also provided within are regulatory and ethical issues in addition to future directions of the field, and a state-of-the-art update of medical and biotechnological applications.

All aspects of biomaterials science are thoroughly addressed, from tissue engineering to cochlear prostheses and drug delivery systems. Over 80 contributors from academia, government and industry detail the principles of cell biology, immunology, and pathology. Focus within pertains to the clinical uses of biomaterials as components in implants, devices, and artificial organs. This reference also touches upon their uses in biotechnology as well as the characterization of the physical, chemical, biochemical and surface properties of these materials.