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  Z269662 Biodegradable Hydrogels for Drug Delivery This book provides an in-depth investigation of recent advances in biodegradable hydrogels. Based on extensive research and experience, the book is the first to deal exclusively with this important area in drug delivery. A valuable guide for all, the book begins with a detailed introduction to current biodegradable hydrogel technology. Following chapters present advanced R&D, delivery systems, and more. It covers the mechanisms of biodegradation, types of biodegradable hydrogels, chemical and physical gels, chemical and enzymatic degradation, and examples of biodegradable drug delivery systems.

  Z566748 Casarett and Doull’s Toxicology: The Basic Science of Poisons, 7th edition long established as the gold standard in the field This new edition discusses areas of apoptosis, cytokines, growth factors, oncogenes, cell cycling, transcription factors, signaling pathways, and genomics.

This authoritative reference is written by many distinguished professionals in the field, and offers clear, concise descriptions of the key concepts in toxicology. It is extensive and complete, covering a broad range of topics in sufficient detail. Both as a reference and as an educational tool, this book exceeds its goal of serving as a reference for toxicologists, other scientists, and students of the discipline.

Long established as the gold standard in the field, Casarett & Doull′s Toxicology equips you with an unsurpassed understanding of modern toxicology, including the principles, concepts, mechanisms, and modes of thought that are the foundation of the discipline. The new seventh edition features is updated throughout and includes many new contributors.
  Z287628 Impact of Stereochemistry on Drug Development and Use This book explores analytical, pharmacological, and regulatory topics in dealing with the theory and practice of stereochemistry in the pharmaceutical industry today. This exciting, broad-appeal treatment extends from the analytical viewpoint in enantiomeric separation to the regulatory issues involved in the "racemate-versus-enantiomer" debate. The authors include numerous examples and case studies, and integrate material from a wide range of studies, publications, and workshops.
  Z209015 Organic Chemistry of Drug Synthesis Volume 4 This series is a guide to virtually all syntheses used in the preparation of compounds given generic names.
  Z253367 Organic Chemistry of Drug Synthesis Volume 5 This series is a guide to virtually all syntheses used in the preparation of compounds given generic names.
  Z272302 Pharmacokinetics for the Pharmaceutical Scientist Major presentation of pharmacokinetics by a leading international expert. Methods for: estimating drug disposition parameters from data obtained after intravascular or extravascular drug administration, estimating rate and extent of drug bioavailability, and comparing rate and extent of drug availability following administration of several different dosage forms of a drug.
Z731358 Vaccine Adjuvants and Delivery Systems M Singh, John Wiley and sons, 2007, 449 pp., hard cover This unique resource brings scientists up to date on recent advances and provides the information they need to select candidate adjuvants. Written by leading experts, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the rapidly evolving field and developing formulation methods and covers cutting-edge technologies and gives the current status of adjuvants in clinical trials and those still in the pre-clinical stage.

It includes detailed information on specific vaccine adjuvants, including MF59, TLR4 agonists, new iscoms, cytokines, polyphosphazenes, and more. The text discusses the mechanisms of adjuvant actions, and covers some novel adjuvants and delivery systems and the safety evaluation of adjuvants.