96 Well Plates

96-well plates (96-well microplates, microtiter plates) are rectangular multi-well plates. Microplates are used in a variety of assays such as ELISA and PCR. Most 96-well microplates are designed for common instruments and can be used for applications such as sample collection, compound preparation, combinatorial chemistry, high throughput screening, nucleic acid purification, bacterial culture growth, and plate replication.

The rows on a 96-well microplate are typically labeled with numbers and letters and a notch in the upper right corner determines correct plate orientation. The color of the plate will affect florescence and background signal.

Our portfolio of 96-well microplates is curated from select partners. We carry multiple materials such as polypropylene or polystyrene, sterile or nonsterile formats, round or flat bottom wells, and many volumes. Consider the compatibility of the microplate and platform, because some microplates are designed for specific equipment.

Download our handy 96-well plate template to use with your microplates.