Millipore ZipTip Pipette Tips

Millipore ZipTips: Sample Preparation of Peptides or Proteins Prior to Electrospray/Nanoelectrospray MS

The ZipTip is a 10 μL (P-10) pipette tip with a bed of chromatography media fixed at its end such that there is no dead volume. It is intended for purifying and concentrating femtomoles to picomoles of protein, peptide or oligonucleotide samples prior to analysis, providing better data quality. The sample is aspirated and dispensed through ZipTip to bind, wash, and elute. Recovered samples are contaminant-free and eluted in 0.5-4 μL for direct transfer to a mass spectrometer target or vial.
Millipore ZipTip

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Z720070 Millipore® Ziptips C18, pack of 96