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BR71774 BRAND® bucket, PE-HD capacity 10 L
BR71772 BRAND® bucket, PE-HD capacity 5 L
BR759710 BRAND® disposal bag PA
BR759705 BRAND® disposal bag polypropylene
BR62305 BRAND® faeces container polystyrene, capacity 30 mL
BR472800 BRAND® glass staining trough, Coplin pattern soda-lime glass
BR472700 BRAND® glass staining trough, Hellendahl extended soda-lime glass
BR472600 BRAND® glass staining trough, Hellendahl pattern soda-lime glass
BR472500 BRAND® glass staining trough, Schiefferdecker pattern soda-lime glass
BR472200 BRAND® glass staining trough with lid soda-lime glass
BR474400 BRAND® plastic staining trough, Hellendahl pattern with lid
BR474410 BRAND® plastic staining trough, Schiefferdecker pattern with lid
BR472000 BRAND® staining tray for glass staining trough soda-lime glass
BR471500 BRAND® staining trough, black POM
BR471800 BRAND® staining trough, complete with tray, black for 25 slides
BR759701 BRAND® stand for disposal bags includes pack of 50 bags, PA
BR759700 BRAND® stand for disposal bags includes pack of 100 bags, PP
BR759703 BRAND® stand for disposal bags epoxy-coated (steel wire, with rubber feet)
BR474300 BRAND® transparent plastic staining trough with two lids PMP, L × W × H 101 mm × 83 mm × 70 mm
Z336785 Workstation storage/dispenser box, PMMA large
Z336793 Workstation storage/dispenser box, PMMA small