BRAND Dispensers

BRAND Dispensette®
The Dispensette® bottle-top dispenser has proven itself the world over with its wide range of practical applications. It has been continuously improved over decades to meet the increasing demands of the laboratory.

BRAND seripettor®
seripettor® and seripettor® pro are innovative bottle-top dispensers from BRAND with a special design. They provide a cost-effective alternative to high-end dispensers for routine laboratory use.

Titrette – the first bottle-top burette to satisfy Class A error limits for glass burettes!
It is also remarkable for its easy dropwise titration, compact design, ultra-high precision, replaceable piston/cylinder assembly and an optional PC interface.
With the Titrette bottle-top burette, you can titrate quickly and reliably with the highest precision, even in close quarters, with no power hookup needed – in the lab, in production, or in the field.

Dispensers, tilt measure Bottletop dispensing head The automatic dispenser is particularly well-suited for dispensing suspensions.