BRAND Pipettors

Pipetting - A Routine Laboratory Procedure

Pipetting is one of the most frequent tasks in the laboratory. The right choice of pipette is critical to performing this repetitive task accurately and strain-free.

Transferpette® - selection
What are the special features to look for?

  • Pipetting key - To fit your preferred working style, choose either the Transferpette® pipettes with the pipetting key on the side or the Transferpette® S pipettes with the central pipetting button. The Transferpette® electronic pipettes only need a brief tap on the pipetting button to activate the piston.
  • Tip ejector - All Transferpette® models have separate tip ejection. This reduces the risk of accidental tip ejection.
  • Easy Calibration - Piston-operated pipettes are calibrated in compliance with the monitoring of measuring instruments according to EN ISO 8655. All Transferpette® models feature the unique Easy Calibration Technique that allows adjustment without tools
  • Autoclavability - No compromises! Depending on the model, either the complete pipette shaft (Transferpette®, Transferpette® electronic) or the entire pipette (Transferpette® S) can be autoclaved at 121 °C (2 bar), acc. DIN EN 285.
  • Tip cone - Pipette and pipette tip form a single system. Both components have been developed by BRAND and are perfectly matched. This ensures an optimum fit between the Transferpette® pipettes and the pipette and filter tips from BRAND. For your convenience, the tip cone is also designed to accept tips made by other leading manufacturers.

Which Transferpette® is right for you?