BRAND Pipettors

Pipettors and accessories from BRAND.

Pipetting - A Routine Laboratory Procedure

Pipetting is one of the most frequent tasks in the laboratory. The right choice of pipette is critical to performing this repetitive task accurately and strain-free.

BRAND offers single and multichannel micropipettes, positive displacement pipettes, and repeating pipettes to meet the demands of every every lab.

The Transferpette S micropipettes are manual single-channel and multi-channel pipettes for precise and productive pipetting in the lab. They offer high quality and many features that make pipetting easy and efficient, e.g. genuine one-hand operation, short stroke, low operating forces, volume change protection and a clearly visible volume display. They are service-friendly and can be readjusted without special tools with the Easy Calibration technology.

The Transferpettor is ideal for liquids when air displacement pipettes just won′t work. Viscous, foaming, high vapor pressure: the Transferpettor can handle them all, with the precision and accuracy you expect from a BRAND pipette. This is the pipette for your most demanding pipetting operations.

Repetitive pipettes are the first choice when it comes to efficient dispensing of long series. Positive displacement pipettes are often the right solution for pipetting viscous media. The HandyStep touch from BRAND combines both features. The HandyStep touch S has additional capability, such as titration or sequential dispensing. BRAND also offers the Accu-jet and other pipette controllers that are powerful and ergonomic for everyday use.