BRAND Positive Displacement Pipettes

The Pipette for Difficult Media

Positive displacement pipettes are ideal for liquids when air displacement pipettes just won′t work. In contrast with air displacement pipettes, the piston is in direct contact with the aspirated liquid. By virtue of its positive displacement principle, they are the right tool for your most demanding pipetting operations. Convenient and tidy pipetting of difficult media - with highest precision. All BRAND® positive displacement pipettes, such as the Transferpettor, HandyStep® S or HandyStep® touch can handle them all. No matter if it´s viscous, highly mobile, foaming, high density or high vapor pressure.
HandyStep® and Transferpettor are are suitiable for media with:
  • Vapor pressure up to 500 mbar
  • Volume range of the Transferpettor: 1 μL to 10 ml, volume range of the HandyStep: 1 μL to 50 ml.
The HandyStep can be used for liquids up to the following viscosities:
  • 20 mPa s with 50 ml PD-Tips
  • 260 mPa s with 5 ml PD-Tips
  • 977 mPa s with 1,25 ml PD-Tips