Cochranes of Oxford Molecular Building Systems

A large range of high quality molecular building systems for teaching and research. Available in two sizes as classroom/group and individual/student sets tailored to various subjects. A full range of extra atoms, bonds and accessories are available to supplement sets or enable the building of custom models.

Orbit Molecular Models
The Orbit building system uses 1cm atom centers, color coded to represent 12 different elements, with prongs set at the correct bonding angles. Durable plastic tubes, pre-cut to suitable lengths and colored to represent different types of bonding, connect the atom centers at the correct scale.
Available as individual (student/teacher) sets; and large (research) set together with individual atoms/bonds and accessories.

Minit Molecular Models
The Minit building system uses 6mm color coded atom centers with prongs at the correct bonding angles and durable pre-cut plastic tubes for bonds. Extra atom and bond packs enable the building of custom or larger models. The smaller scale and handy pocket-sized student sets make this highly suitable for individual use and study.
Available as student sets; group sets; individual model kits; custom model sets; individual atoms/bonds.
Orbit system
Minit system