Corning CellSTACK® Cell Culture Chambers

The Corning® CellSTACK® Cell Culture Chambers are designed for scale-up cell culture applications, regardless of whether your cells grow attached or in suspension.

Available in five sizes:

  • 1-Stack with 636 cm2 cell growth area
  • 2-Stack with 1272 cm2 cell growth area
  • 5-Stack with 3180 cm2 cell growth area
  • 10-Stack with 6360 cm2 cell growth area
  • 40-Stack with 25440 cm2 cell growth area

Features and Benefits:

  • Choice of traditional surface treatment, Corning CellBIND® surface for enhanced cell attachment, or Ultra-Low attachment surface
  • Superior mechanical strength and structural integrity
  • Larger openings with threaded closures and self-venting caps
  • Self-venting caps prevent pressure build-up during transport
  • Improved assembly procedures reduce particulates
  • Certified nonpyrogenic and sterilized by gamma irradiation
  • 100% leak tested
CellSTACK Cell Culture Chambers