The OrganoPlate is a microfluidic 3D cell culture plate, supporting up to 96 tissue models on a single plate. The OrganoPlate employs a unique patented liquid handling technology, called Phaseguides. Phaseguides enable precise, barrier-free definition of culture matrices and cells in 3D, supporting cell-cell interactions and unprecedented imaging and quantification.

The OrganoPlate is versatile, supporting chemical gradients of chemical compounds and proteins and co-culture conditions. Complex tissue models can be implemented in a straightforward way. The addition of culture lanes to the microchambers easily increases the complexity of the tissue models in the OrganoPlate. Patterning additional cell types adjacent to the cell layers allows culturing of complex, non-homogeneous tissues. Application of chemical gradients or exposure to gases is supported. This flexibility is particularly useful for stem cell differentiation and cell motility studies. No other organ-on-a-chip liquid handling platform offers such flexibility combined with ease of handling.
Continuous perfusion of media through the microfluidic networks in the OrganoPlate mimics blood flow and enables exchange of nutrients, oxygen and metabolites. Our unique gravity-driven leveling technology maintains flow without the use of pumps and tubing, making the OrganoPlate suitable for any throughput. The Perfusion Rocker Mini provides continuous medium flow in the OrganoPlate with minimal settings required.

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