Kern Precision Balances

KERN precision balances are right at the top of the precision balance segment.
The numerous equipment features of the standard balances are complemented by high-quality materials with robust, sturdy construction, high-quality, high-performance weighing systems, optimised operating sequences, speed benefits and in some cases, the most modern touchscreen technology.
With its touchscreen technology a premium laboratory balance will support you in your typical procedures. In this way these scales can be operated more efficiently and quickly than devices from other quality classes. In particular these balances are used in demanding laboratory applications and anywhere where the environmental conditions are not ideal because of vibrations or other interference, but where, naturally, the balance is expected to provide accurate weighing results.
Another field of application for these balances is the pharmaceutical industry, which is subject to particularly demanding requirements and regulations such as, for example, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Classic compact laboratory balance
572 Laboratory all-rounder able to cope with harsh environments
EG, EW & EW-N Classic balances with tuning fork weighing system
PCB Standard balance with programmable function
PNJ & PNS Robust balance with tuning fork weighing system
PLJ Large weighing range ideal for heavy tares
EWJ High quality balance with automatic internal adjustment
PCD High-resolution precision balance with removable display for maximum flexibility
PFB Quick reacting display and secure, levelling footing

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Z742851 Kern PFB series precision balances Kern, PFB 6K0.05, 6000 g weighing capacity, accuracy: 0.05 g, precision: ±0.15 g New