Nytran SuPerCharge Nylon Membranes (high positive charge)

Nytran SuPerCharge (SPC) nylon membranes have a very high positive charge. Nytran SPC membrane is cast uniformly on both sides of a support matrix, demonstrating excellent symmetry. This gives the membrane the ability to lie flat without curling. With typical manufacturing techniques, increasing positive charge tends to increase background.

Nytran SPC membranes are manufactured using a process that allows the combination of high positive charge with low background. Whether using radioactive or non-radioactive detection techniques, Nytran SPC consistently gives high signal with extremely low background.

Nytran SuPerCharge Binding Capacity: >600 μg/cm2

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WHA10416294 Whatman® Nytran SuPerCharge (SPC) nylon blotting membranes 0.45 μm nylon blotting membranes 20 cm x 3 m roll 1/pk
WHA10416230 Whatman® Nytran SuPerCharge (SPC) nylon blotting membranes W × L 11 cm × 14 cm, pore size 0.45 μm, pkg of 10 ea