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Minifold® 1 Dot-Blot Array System and Accessories

The Minifold 1 manifold system ensures an accurate and reproducable results in dot-blot assays. The system consists of four basic components: Sample well plate, filter support plate, vacuum plenum and metal clamping plate.
  • Interchangeable sample well plate
  • Screening of many samples on one membrane
  • Compatible with multichannel pipettes
  • Easy to assemble

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WHA10447941 Whatman® Minifold® I 48 well slot-blot array system
WHA10447850 Whatman® Minifold® I 96 well slot-blot array system
WHA10447900 Whatman® Minifold® I 96 well dot-blot array system Minifold I dot-blot system, complete system, 96 well (Acrylic) includes manifold apparatus, 5 x Protran BA85 sheets, 5 x 3 mm Chr sheets, 1/pk