Tube-O-CONCENTRATOR is a versatile concentration device that utilizes a novel, water absorbing, liquid polymer and our patented Tube-O-DIALYZER for the rapid concentration of dilute protein solutions with zero protein loss. The unique tube design of Tube-O-DIALYZER ensures that 100% sample is recovered; simple place the entire device in a bench top centrifuge and spin for a few seconds. The Tube-O-CONCENTRATOR solution is a liquid polymer that rapidly absorbs water through the dialysis membrane in the Tube-O-DIALYZER cap, which retains all molecules with a molecular weight >1kDa. Tube-O-CONCENTRATOR is available in two sizes for concentrating sample volumes of up to 250μl (Micro) or 2.5ml (Medi).

  • Rapid concentration of protein solutions without protein precipitation
  • Combination of a unique tube format dialysis device and a water absorbing liquid polymer
  • Suitable for up to 250μl or 2.5ml protein solutions
  • Zero protein loss, even if protein precipitation occurs.


  • For the concentration of dilute protein solutions

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Z742620 Tube-O-CONCENTRATOR Concentration Device 0.2 ‑ 2.5 mL
Z742621 Tube-O-CONCENTRATOR Concentration Device 20 ‑ 250 μL