Buchi Rotary Evaporator Accessories

Vacuum Controller options
a. Basic- no vacuum controller
b. Advanced- comes with V-850 vacuum controller. See Vacuum Controller Section for specifications.
c. Professional- comes with V-855 vacuum controller. See Vacuum Controller Section listing for specifications.

V-850 features:
  • Regulation to a specified setpoint
  • Timer function
  • Control of jack and rotation on the Rotavapor
  • Solvent library
The highlightable feature of this controller is the library which is expandable by the customer. The 43 preset solvents simplifies evaporation parameter selection. After the selection, the related parameters for optimal distillation are entered as default values depending on the bath temperature. Other solvents can be downloaded as needed from www.buchi.com.

V-855 features:
  • EasyVac function: when used with V-700/710 vacuum pump provides automatic process control based on vapor pressure detection
  • Automatic distillation with the unique stage probe
  • Repeat function for reporducible repetition of a distillation
  • Programming for pressure gradients in specialized distillation
This top model has the ability to store up to 15 processes with the programmable greadient.

EasyVac Vacuum Module:
  • Automatically finds the distillation start point.
  • Pressure is controlled to follow the vapor pressure curve and the end point of the distillation is determined
  • Using the stored algorithms the process reliably runs to its end and gently processes the product
  • Simplest and easiest control unit for the V-700 vacuum pumps

Needle Valve control:
The simplest way to maintain vacuum control is through this cost-effective needle valve.
  • Air is drawn in through a fine regulation valve and the resulting vacuum is set
  • A manometer displays the pressure
  • A Woulff bottle is recommended with this valve so that it can be a buffer vessel and condensate trap

Pumps, Chillers, Baths, etc. have detailed information on their product pages.
Basic- no controller
Advanced- w/ V850 controller
Professional- w/ V855 controller