Corning® 96-Well Plate with Ultra-Web® Synthetic Surface


These Corning® Ultra-Web™ microplates provide cells with a synthetic 3-D in vivo-like nanofibrillar substrate for better performance and functionality. Also available with a innovative electrospun Ultra-Web™ Synthetic Surface that is polyamine treated for a positively charged surface (CLS3873XX1 ). Both Ultra-Web™ plates have these unique features:
  • Flat bottoms with 360 μL total volume.
  • Recommended working volumes of 75 to 200 μL.
  • Opaque black walls prevent well-to-well crosstalk.
  • Can be used for both top and bottom reading instruments.
  • Compatible with cell-based luminescence-reporter gene and FLIPR calcium flux assays.
  • Cells grow on the nanofiber surface, not in it, for easier imaging.
  • Ultra-Web™ Synthetic Surface is more stable and consistent lot to lot than biological coatings.
  • Ready to use and room-temperature stable.
  • Animal component-free and irradiation sterilized (SAL 10-6) for extra security.