Scienceware Glove Boxes

Scienceware glove boxes from Bel-Art provide an isolated work environment for processing samples or handling air-sensitive materials while maintaining an anaerobic or other gas specific environment within the glove box.

Made of clear polycarbonate, these glove boxes with air locks provide optimum visibility and strength. In addition, these glove boxes are economical, durable, portable, and provide 360 degree visibility Five standard glove box models in three sizes are available with choice of side-entry pass through or air lock entry. Features and benefits of the Scienceware Clear View glove boxes including the following:

  • Made from Clear Polycarbonate
  • Provide optimum visibility and strength
  • 360 degree visibility
  • Durable
  • Circular port holes accept any standard glove box gloves
  • Economical
  • Portable
Scienceware Clear View Glove Box
Scienceware Portable Glove Box

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Z566284   Clamping rings for glove box ports port O.D. 6 in.
Z748110   Clamping rings for glove box ports port O.D. 8 in.
Z170119   Scienceware® glove box bare-hand port iris port
Z169994   Scienceware® glove box hand-port cover port diam. 20.3 cm, Z169943
Z513520 Scienceware® portable glove box system port I.D. 6 in.
Z564869 Secador® Techni-Dome® 360 glove chamber unobstructed viewing from any angle
Z260517 sidEntry glove box a clear acrylic glove box which features a large side entry, gasketed door, and a shelf rack