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Z407100 ChemDraw® Standard ChemDraw Standard
"Publication quality structure drawing"
• Draw and output structures and reactions in color
• Extensive collections of pre-defined structure templates
• Large choice of bonds, arrows, brackets, orbitals, and reaction symbols
• Style templates for most chemical journals
• ClipArt for glassware drawings
• Fully compatible with Chem3D, ChemFinder, ChemInfo, Microsoft® Word and Excel
• Output in PostScript®, EPS, GIF, SMILES and more
ChemDraw Pro
"Premier drawing and information query"
• Includes all the above features plus:
• Chemical intelligence understands valence and bonding, and expands groups and atom labels
• Right-button menus speed access to features
• Structure cleanup improves poor drawings
• Query databases precisely by specifying atom and bond properties, reaction centers, substituent counts, R-groups, and substructure
• Display spectra from SPC and JCAMP files
• Read ISIS® files with Mac®/Windows® cross-platform compatibility
• ChemDraw Plugin for WWW access and queries
• Use the new Online menu to query by structure, identify available vendors, and order online
ChemDraw Ultra
"Ultimate drawing, query, and analysis"
• Includes all the above features plus:
• ChemDraw/Excel brings chemistry to Microsoft Excel
• ChemNMR predicts 1H and 13C NMR line spectra with peak-to-structure correlation
• Name=Struct/AutoNom creates structures from names and vice versa
• ChemProp computes physical properties, such as LogP, BP, MP, and more
• SDK allows operation and control of ChemDraw from other environments

Network versions are also available. Please inquire!