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B4306 Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis Application of computational methods to DNA and protein science is an exciting development. This book features sequence alignment, structure prediction, phylogenetic and gene prediction, database searching, and genome analysis that are clearly explained and illustrated along with underlying algorithms and assumptions. Theoretical underpinnings are linked to biological problems and solutions. Extensive tables provide descriptions and Web sources for a range of available software. An associated Website, accessible free of charge by book purchasers, provides links to Internet sources referred to in the text (
D5440 DNA Microarrays: A Molecular Cloning Manual DNA microarray, or DNA chip technology is a new and powerful means of discovering, characterizing and analyzing genes and their expression patterns. This manual assembles and synthesizes the expertise of over 30 innovators in this emerging field to provide authoritative, detailed instruction on the design, construction, and applications of microarrays, as well as comprehensive descriptions of the software tools and strategies required for extensive image and data analysis. It complements the best selling manual "Molecular Cloning".
Z719056 Methods in Yeast Genetics 2005 Edition D. Amberg, D. Burke and J. Strathem, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2005, 230 pp., soft cover This is an updated edition which provides a set of teaching experiments, along with protocols and recipes for the standard techniques and reagents used in the study of yeast biology. Since the last edition of the manual was published (2000), revolutionary advances in genomics and proteomics technologies have had a significant impact on the field. This updated edition reflects these advances, and also includes new techniques involving vital staining, visualization of Green Fluorescent Protein, new drug resistance markers, high-copy suppression, Tandem Affinity Protein tag protein purification, gene disruption by double-fusion polymerase chain reaction, and many other recent developments.
Z701270 PCR Primer: A Laboratory Manual, 2nd ed. each technique is presented with extensive background information, advice, and troubleshooting This second edition is a much praised and widely used manual that has been entirely revised and updated. Each technique is presented with extensive background information, advice, and troubleshooting.

All current applications of PCR are covered in protocols that have the hallmark reliability of the previous edition.
S8066 Stem Cell Biology Stem cells are the focus of intense interest from a growing, multidisciplinary community of investigators with new tools for isolating and characterizing these elusive cell types. This volume provides a uniquely broad and authoritative basis for understanding the biology of stem cells and the current excitement about their potential for clinical exploitation. It is an essential work for investigators in embryology, hematology, and neurobiology, and their collaborators in regenerative medicine.
Z719218 Whole Genome Amplification: Methods Express Series Softcover Using Whole Genome Amplification (WGA) methods, it is possible to create microgram quantities of DNA starting with as little as one nanogram of genomic DNA and in some cases even a single eukaryotic or bacterial cell. The implementation of such WGA methods provides an ample supply of DNA for large-scale genetic studies. This title provides a comprehensive overview of the field and will be welcomed by all researchers looking to take advantage of the latest developments.