Microarray Surfaces


Corning® offers a choice of three optimized surfaces for creating microarrays, including Epoxide, UltraGAPS and GAPS II coated slides. All Corning microarray slides are manufactured under the most stringent conditions, cleaned and individually examined for mechanical defects and the presence of dust and glass particles. Surfaces are applied in an environmentally controlled, HEPA-filtered ISO Class 5 facility, resulting in coated microarray slides with highly uniform surface properties and low autofluorescence. Surface wettability is consistent across the slide surface to assure uniform spot size and shape and to avoid uncontrolled wicking or poor volume transfer during printing. Packaging has been developed to maintain the appropriate storage environment.
Corning Epoxide Coated Slides
Corning UltraGAPS Coated Slides
Corning GAPS II Coated Slides