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Z543330 Aldrich® Sure-Seal bottle opener size 2.175 in. × 3 3/8 in., pkg of 3 ea
Z179183 AMPCO® Non-sparking safety tools pieces size 6
23811-U Drill Bits diam. 0.35 mm, pkg of 6 ea
Z178918 Flat tip screwdrivers L 6 1/2 in., blade L 3 in.
Z178926 Flat tip screwdrivers L 10 1/2 in., blade L 6 in.
Z178934 Flat tip screwdrivers L 13 in., blade L 8 in.
Z508845 Hammer Ball Peen, L 10 in.
Z178764 Hammer Claw, L 12 1/2 in.
Z409413 Mini ratchet set 50 pieces and three bit caddies in a compact polypropylene case
Z168661 Natural-rubber scrapers rod diam. 1/8 in.
Z168688 Natural-rubber scrapers rod diam. 3/16 in.
Z178950 Phillips® tip screwdrivers Type No. 1, blade L 3 in., overall L 6 1/8 in.
Z178969 Phillips® tip screwdrivers Type No. 2, blade L 4 in., overall L 7 1/2 in.
Z178977 Phillips® tip screwdrivers Type No. 3, blade L 6 in., overall L 10 1/8 in.
Z178853 Pliers Combination, L 6 1/2 in.
Z178810 Pliers Adjustable-joint, L 9 1/2 in.
Z179248 Ratcheting magnetic-tip screwdriver and 5 bit set 3-way ratchet
Z209880 Sigma-Aldrich® laboratory-tools Pliers, Long nose, size 6 in.
Z209902 Sigma-Aldrich® laboratory-tools Wrench, Adjustable, size 6 in.
Z209910 Sigma-Aldrich® laboratory-tools Wrenches, Hex key, 8pc, 1/20 to 5/32
Z209937 Sigma-Aldrich® laboratory-tools mini-flashlight with ring hook
Z209783 Sigma-Aldrich® laboratory-tool set in heavy blue vinyl storage pouch with clear vinyl compartments
Z172553 Snap-on® open-end wrench set standard handle lengths and chrome/industrial finish, set of 1
Z172634 Snap-on® screwdriver set comes in plastic tray, set of 1
Z155489 Stainless steel utility scoop pkg of 1 ea
Z178632 Step stool free-floating action makes it easy to push in any direction
Z179086 Wrenches jaw capacity 1 5/16 in., overall L 10 in.