LAMBDA Preciflow and Multiflow peristaltic pumps have been developed for continuous cultures as the result of twenty years of laboratory experience and involved the systematic elimination of the imperfections found in other pumps on the market. The result is a practical, precise and reliable pump, which is the most compact in its class.

The most frequent problems of traditional peristaltic pumps are:
  • Aspiration of the tubing by the mechanics
  • Rupture of the tubing and leaking of the solution
  • Flow rate decrease over time
  • When a continuous process is interrupted a lot of time and money are lost

Features & Benefits:
  • Ball bearings with glass beads replace traditional rollers. This reduces lateral forces on the tubing which eliminates the need for stoppers. Even without any fixation the tubing will not move within the head
  • An off-center lever using a spring of non-corrosive material applies compression on the tubing softly and gradually keeping within the range of tubing elasticity. This increases tubing life considerably and flow rates remain constant
  • Reduction in lateral forces and smoother compression action mean that low cost tubing can be used with good results. The tubing economy is very important, e.g. the LAMBDA Preciflow peristaltic pump will be paid back after consumption of about 80 m of tubing