3DKUBE by Kiyatec

3DKUBE cell culture chambers are advanced three dimensional plasticware for cell based diagnostics. The 3D design provides a research platform to more accurately simulate phenomenon inherent within the living systems of the human body. Researchers now have an advanced in vitro diagnostic tool for improved results in cell biology, drug development, and clinical therapy.

3DKUBE Cell Culture Chambers have either an Independent chamber option or a segregated co-culture chamber option.

Independent chambers:
  • Solid silicone gasket insert
  • Two opposing independent chambers
  • Sample size; n=2

Segregated co-culture:
  • Gasket-membrane insert (0.45 um porosity)
  • Segregated co-culture + soluble factor transfer
  • Sample size: n=1

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Z692077 Gasket ring for 3DKUBE 3D cell culture chambers pkg of 24 ea
Z721786 KDS Multi syringe infusion/withdrawal pump series 230 AC/DC input 110 V AC