Glove Boxes

Buy Plas-Labs and Scienceware Laboratory Glove Boxes for Biological Research

Glove boxes are containers sealed off and isolated from the atmosphere and lab environment to create a controlled, containment system. This equipment is useful for many applications, including chemical and biological research.

Plas-Labs basic and nitrogen glove boxes come as single station units, or in multi-station units and are the highest quality for chemistry isolation techniques. The individually controlled chambers of the hypoxia isolation chamber and PCR glove box are suitable for biological and life science applications. The anti-static ionizer and oxygen analyzer accessories compliment the needs for air-sensitive materials and research.

Scienceware glove boxes from Bel-Art provide an isolated work environment for processing samples or handling air-sensitive materials while maintaining an anaerobic or other gas specific environment within the glove box. Made of clear polycarbonate, these glove boxes with air locks provide optimum visibility and strength.

Glove box sleeves provide protection to the personnel using the Glove box. Changeable glove assemblies allow different users to work with the same glove box by changing the size of the glove being used. The unique construction of accordion or straight-sleeve combines the glove and sleeve into a leakproof unit integral with the box. Neoprene bonded sleeve and gloves resist moderate chemicals and acids, ozone, oils, fats, greases, many oils and solvents.
Plas-Labs basic glove box
Scienceware Clear View glove box
Glove box sleeves