PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Supplies

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a powerful core molecular biology technique. It is an efficient and rapid in vitro method for enzymatic amplification of specific DNA or RNA sequences from nucleic acids of various sources. A simple PCR reaction consists of a set of synthetic oligonucleotide primers that flank the target DNA sequence, target DNA, a thermostable DNA polymerase and dNTPs. A repetitive series of cycles involving template denaturation, primer annealing, followed by extension of the annealed primers, yields tremendous amounts of DNA. Because the strands synthesized in one cycle serve as a template in the next, a million-fold increase in the DNA amount is achieved in just 20 cycles.

Sigma-Aldrich offers a broad range of products optimized for PCR reactions. From our novel REDTaq® DNA polymerase to our PCR enhancers, each component is tested thoroughly to ensure you achieve the best results possible in your PCR reactions. In this PCR bundle, you will find all the products needed to conduct successful PCR-based applications.
BRAND PCR plates, strips and tubes
Labnet MultiGene Gradient Thermal Cycler
REDTaq DNA Polymerase