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BAF133530002 Bel-Art® X-Ray Cassette Security Bag For 5 x 7 in. Cassettes
BAF133530001 Bel-Art® X-Ray Cassette Security Bag For 8 x 10 in. Cassettes
BAF133520001 Bel-Art® X-Ray Film Box Holder Bag For 8 x 10 in. Cassettes
F8390 Carestream® Kodak® filter Wratten 15
F7272 Carestream® Kodak® filter Wratten 22
F0646 Carestream® Kodak® filter Wratten 58
D0792 Developing tank, acrylic
R8008 Fluorescent rulers visible at 300 and 350 nm
Z738603 Glow Writer autoradiography pen phosphorescent marking pen
Z738719 Glow Writer autoradiography pen replacement nibs
I5263 Identi-kit for autoradiography film contains non-radioactive phosphorescent, adhesive-backed numbers, letters and arrows
L5149 Labels, phosphorescent 4 × 6 inch sheets
R8133 Rulers for autoradiography can be used with preflashed film and intensifying screens
Z377511 Scienceware® autoradiography film binder Binder
Z363510 Scienceware® autoradiography pen Normal energy level
Z363529 Scienceware® autoradiography pen High energy level
Z363502 Scienceware® exposure cassette security bag pkg of 1 ea
Z380156 Security bag for X-ray film For 8 × 10 inch (20 × 25 cm) film
Z380164 Security bag for X-ray film For 14 × 17 inch (35 × 43 cm) film